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From the about us page:
Gabe and Amanda are the creative minds behind Lit Candle Co. Located in Austin, Texas, the pair have recently begun their venture into making quality candles that not only smell good and look nice, but also help to decrease the amount of usable glass that is trashed every day. They strive to create a quality product that prevents used glass from becoming trash by “upcycling” old glass bottles and glassware, giving tossed aside bottles a new life as a candle. Inside the upcycled bottle is a candle made from fine soy wax that burns smoothly and evenly, making even a small candle burn exceptionally long. Inspired by the bottle’s past lives, many of their candles are scented like various cocktails and other beverages. The scents used are hand-mixed, giving your candle a wonderful and unique fragrance. Lit Candle Co. is dedicated to providing beautiful and environmentally conscientious candles, and outstanding customer service.
The glass containers we use for our candles are up-cycled from reclaimed beverage bottles. Most people are unaware that 75% of recycled glass is sent to landfills after being processed. Additionally, of the 25% that does get successfully recycled, only half of that is fully recovered, while the other half is down-cycled into materials like fiberglass. By rescuing glass bottles before they are thrown away OR recycled, we are able to reduce the glass waste that enters our landfills, and even help cut down on the energy required to recycle these materials. We don’t like to see discarded bottles in our rivers and landfills and we know you don’t either. We rescue the glass, you get a delicious smelling candle, and peace of mind. It’s win-win!
If you would like to learn more about proper glass recycling, please visit this website:…
Lit Candles are all hand made and hand poured with love in beautiful Austin, Texas.
Gabe and Amanda are also talented photographers specializing in HDR and alternative digital process photography. Check out the photos and buy some cool art prints @

Come on in and try a scent or two. You won't be disappointed!

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Well, It's the middle of November

Thu Nov 12, 2009, 4:51 PM

Amanda graduates college in 3 weeks. That's amazing! So excited!

If you're wondering why I haven't submitted anything in a while it's because I was busy for a few days, then my 1TB Western Digital external hard drive crashed. It contained, as I'm sure you can imagine, 10,000+ photos including countless hours of editing. I don't think it's completely unrecoverable, but it's going to be a while before I can afford to replace it. Even if it is only a hundred bucks. If you're feeling generous and you'd like to see my work continue, I'm looking at this drive from Newegg: It's $100 and I think it might have free shipping. Note me for a mailing address. :innocent:

Our lease is up in 18 days and we still have yet to find new digs. There's so much going on and with 4 people having to agree on the same place to live, then actually finding something reasonable is certainly a formidable challenge. I don't think we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in any traditional way this year. No one is coming to visit and we aren't going anywhere. Hopefully we'll be done moving by then and on to cleaning up and readying this place for the next tenants. There are a few things I like about moving and a few things that make me really sad. I like the excitement of the hunt in finding a new place. I like the shakeup of packing all your stuff away and then unpacking. It serves, for me at least, as a reminder of how much stuff I can accumulate in a year. It's a lot. On the other hand, moving makes me sad because after you've emptied all your belongings and you start looking around at where you lived, where you existed for x-amount of time all sorts of memories that you had in that place come flooding back to you as if they were in a panic that they might be forgotten when you leave. We spent two years here and they have been a mighty fine two years, perhaps even the best in my life so far. This is truly and utterly the end of a chapter.
Now that the furniture's returning to its Goodwill home, with dishes in last week's papers—rumours and elections, crosswords, an unending war—that blacken our fingers, smear their prints on every door pulled shut. Now that the last month's rent is scheming with the damage deposit, take this moment to decide if we meant it, if we tried, or felt around for far too much from things that accidentally touched. The hands that we nearly hold with pennies for the GST, the shoulders we lean our shoulders into on the subway, mutter an apology. The shins that we kick beneath the table, that reflexive cry. The faces we meet one awkward beat too long and terrify, know that the things we need to say have been said already anyway, by parallelograms of light on walls that we repainted white. So take eight minutes and divide by ninety million lonely miles, and watch a shadow cross the floor. We don't live here anymore. -The Weakerthans Sun In an Empty Room Listen to this song!

Well, since this isn't the end of the book, it must mean that it's the start of the next chapter. I firmly believe that it is and what an exciting, mysterious, and unknown chapter it seems to be! There is an event that is about to transpire that Amanda and I have been anxiously awaiting to arrive for years. Her graduation from the University of Texas! We have been toying with all the different directions we can go now and I think we know four things for sure: 1. We want to get married finally (possibly 10/10/10 or 11/11/11!). :D 2. We want to launch a men's candle line. 3. We want to bring back POGs. 4. Launching full on photo-barrage! I'm really excited for 2010!

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The talented Don64738 just submitted a deviation that we have collaborated on. :dance: I suggest you go fave it right now. :evileye: Or ELSE!

Check it out!

Sundial Sunscape by Don64738

Photo by :iconwhitehotphoenix:, render by :icondon64738:
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Sunk is the sun behind the western trees,
And the long shadows melt into the dusk;
The garden flowers look palely through hushed leaves,
Freighting the air with heavy-scented sweets.

Now falls the night, down sifting through the air
Lulled waftures of soft-dropping silences;
And slumber-breathing darkness shrouds thine eyes.

The idle hands lie folded in the lap,
Forgetting the long travail of the day;
The playthings we call work are all put by;
And all the rankling of the bitter world,
Like a dull snake, coils up itself to sleep;
And peace falls, like a flutter of white doves.

For sin, and pain, and passion, and all ills
That tear the unshielded weakness of our souls,
The power that bids us suffer gives us sleep;
And he that says he has no faith lies down

And in all faith resigns his soul to sleep.
Sure of the morning and the light again,
Forth ebbs the soul upon the tide of dreams.

And all alike are folded in one love;
And all alike are guided by one will;
And on each heart fall the cool dews of rest.

Love, thou art weary, and thine eyes are wet —

Albert Phelps.

Published in Atlantic Monthly, July, 1899.
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Real life... whatever that means... came knocking at the door this past week and is ushering me into MOVING. Therefore, I'm going to have to put this stuff on hold for a while, possibly for up to 2 months, till we can get settled. :)

See you soon! :bye:

It begins.